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You might be tempted to neglect your braking system on your Porsche, but that’s dangerous. The brake pads must be working correctly to ensure your vehicle stops. Otherwise, you put yourself at risk while traveling in New Jersey and you could face expensive repairs later.

At Porsche Cherry Hill, we hope to educate drivers about brake repair to ensure safe driving practices.

What are Porsche Brake Pads?

Porsche brake pads sit between the calipers and rotor. These components ensure that the vehicle slows down when the brake pedal is pressed. If there is something wrong with the brakes, other parts could wear out as well.

Having Porsche brake pad maintenance guarantees that you remain safe while driving. Plus, you can keep your repair costs to a minimum.

Symptoms of Bad Porsche Brakes

When you push the brake pedal down, the pads are naturally going to wear out a tiny bit. Over time, this action leads to the material becoming entirely absent. However, you should notice some failing brake warning signs before that. Here are a few to consider.

·        Dashboard Indicators: Modern vehicles have a Brake Indicator Light that tells you when service is needed.

·        High-Pitched Sounds: When you press the pedal, if you hear a screeching or squealing sound, it’s time to have the brake pads changed. This noise comes from the metallic wear indicator installed to warn you of bad brakes.

·        Metallic Sounds: If you prolong service, you will eventually hear the grinding and growling noises of metal on metal. You must stop driving now and get immediate service.

It’s also possible to perform a visual brake inspection through the wheels. Just ensure you have ¼-inch of material remaining for optimal safety.

Trust Your Porsche Technician with Brake Pad Replacement

If you take your Porsche to a service center without factory-trained technicians, you are putting your vehicle at risk. Not only is the team at Porsche Cherry Hill factory-certified, but we also use OEM parts. Trust your luxury vehicle to us today.

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