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Driving a Porsche means you are held to a higher standard. You must properly care for your vehicle to ensure it lives a long life. With our general maintenance tips, you can easily prolong the years you spend with your vehicle. At Porsche Cherry Hill, we strive to help you navigate the proper maintenance steps.

Perform a Complete Vehicle Inspection

Even if you have little knowledge of vehicles, you can still take a look over your car or SUV. Start under the hood by examining the hoses and belts. If you see fraying, holes, wear or rips, you want to call our technicians immediately.

Then, check the air in your tires. If they are running low, you could face excessive wear that puts you in danger. From here, it’s wise to look at all of the bulbs. If any have burned out, it’s time to replace them for optimal visibility.

Wash Your Porsche

You want your Porsche to look good and remain protected. Apply a wax that shields the paint from UV rays. Inside your vehicle, add other protectants that shield your seats from the sun’s rays.

Change Fluids and Filters

Everyone knows that changing the motor oil is vital to engine maintenance. You must regularly change the oil and filter, which can be done during our Express Service. In addition to these vehicle filter replacements, you also want us to change the air and fuel filter. Next, we will have the fluids changed or topped off during your 30k mile service maintenance.

With a little help, your Porsche can get the care it deserves. We have the guidance and support you are in need of. At Porsche Cherry Hill, our trained technicians are ready to perform any service in Cherry Hill & Greater Philadelphia area. Call us to schedule your brake replacement or oil change today.

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