General Maintenance Tasks for a Porsche in Philadelphia

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Driving a Porsche means you are held to a higher standard. You must properly care for your vehicle to ensure it lives a long life. With our general maintenance tips, you can easily prolong the years you spend with your vehicle. At Porsche Cherry Hill, we strive to help you navigate the proper maintenance steps.

Perform a Complete Vehicle Inspection

Even if you have little knowledge of vehicles, you can still take a look over your car or SUV. Start under the hood by examining the hoses and belts. If you see fraying, holes, wear or rips, you want to…

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Get a Porsche Oil Change in Philadelphia

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When it comes to taking care of your luxury Porsche, you don’t want to neglect the regularly scheduled oil change. Here are some of the reasons to bring your vehicle to Porsche Cherry Hill for oil lube and filter maintenance.

Essential Oil Change for Porsche

The basic oil change might not seem important, but it’s essential to keeping the engine running the way it should. It also extends the life of your motor. 

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Porsche Brake Pad Replacement in Philadelphia

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You might be tempted to neglect your braking system on your Porsche, but that’s dangerous. The brake pads must be working correctly to ensure your vehicle stops. Otherwise, you put yourself at risk while traveling in New Jersey and you could face expensive repairs later.

At Porsche Cherry Hill, we hope to educate drivers about brake repair to ensure safe driving practices.


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Benefits of Porsche Service with Factory-Trained Professional Technicians

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Driving a Porsche allows you to experience what it is like to be behind the wheel of a reliable, luxury vehicle. Yet, there are still times when you must service the vehicle or maintain it. Some people ignore the suggestion to bring the Porsche to a factory-trained technician at Porsche Cherry Hill, but many benefits are being overlooked.

Work Guaranteed

The biggest benefit when you use a factory-trained and certified professional is the guarantee you get on the work. When you take your Porsche to the local garage, you have no guarantees that the work will be performed correctly. 

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